03 December 2022 - Edition #16
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Family History Zone Update

The Week on FamilyHistory.Zone

Abducted child reunited after 51 years using ancestry website

Using the power of an ancestry website, Alta Apatenco has finally been reunited with her daughter, Melissa Highsmith.
woman and girl on field

DNA testing helps holocaust survivors find family

DNA testing helps holocaust survivors find family
The Centre for Jewish History is launching a project offering DNA testing to holocaust survivors in the bid to locate missing family members.

Military servicemen identified November 2022

The US Defense Accounting Agency identifies servicemen in the effort to provide the fullest possible accounting for US missing personnel.
Soldiers identified November 2022

Digitalisation of US 1960 population Census already underway

white and brown printed paper
While much interest continues to surround the 1950 US Federal Census, the next launch for the 1960 population census is already underway.

Top ten historical facial reconstructions

Modern scientific techniques allow researchers to develop outstanding facial reconstructions of people from the past.
Ancient Wari Queen

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