FamilySearch has added 10 million new indexed records to United States City and Business Directories (ca. 1749 – ca. 1990), and 10 million Church records for Switzerland (1418–1996), the Philippines (1615-1985), and Brazil. Check out more records also added for Australia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, New Zealand, Peru, Spain and the United States…

Country Collection Link
Qty Indexed Records Notes
Argentina Argentina, Buenos Aires, Catholic Church Records, 1635-1981 15,392 Expanded collection
Argentina Argentina, San Juan, Catholic Church Records, 1655-1975 1,541 Expanded collection
Australia Australia, South Australia, School Admission Registers, 1873-1985 115,886 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Bahía, Catholic Church Records, 1598-2007 43,011 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Bahia, Civil Registration, 1877-1976 4,400 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Ceará, Catholic Church Records, 1725-1971 167,077 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Maranhão, Catholic Church Records, 1673-1962 15,842 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Minas Gerais, Catholic Church Records, 1706-1999 42,000 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Minas Gerais, Civil Registration, 1879-1949 2,257 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Pará, Catholic Church Records, 1930-1976 2,784 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Paraíba, Catholic Church Records, 1731-2013 601,415 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Paraná, Catholic Church Records, 1704-2008 31,777 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Pernambuco, Catholic Church Records, 1762-2002 376,699 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Catholic Church Records, 1738-1952 16,274 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Santa Catarina, Catholic Church Records, 1714-1977 15,380 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, Santa Catarina, Civil Registration, 1850-1999 3,707 Expanded collection
Brazil Brazil, São Paulo, Catholic Church Records, 1640-2012 119,741 Expanded collection
Canada Canada, Ontario Tax Assessment Rolls, 1834-1899 503,471 Expanded collection
Costa Rica Costa Rica, Catholic Church Records, 1595-1992 18,341 Expanded collection
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic, Catholic Church Records, 1590-1975 48,574 Expanded collection
Ecuador Ecuador, Catholic Church Records, 1565-2011 73,381 Expanded collection
El Salvador El Salvador Catholic Church Records, 1655-1977 9,935 Expanded collection
England England, Middlesex Parish Registers, 1539-1988 82,245 Expanded collection
England England, Northumberland Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1920 8,081 Expanded collection
France France, Saône-et-Loire, Parish and Civil Registration, 1530-1892 726 Expanded collection
French Polynesia French Polynesia, Civil Registration, 1780-1999 439 Expanded collection
Germany Germany, Prussia, Westphalia, Minden, Miscellaneous Collections from the Municipal Archives, 1574-1912 256 Expanded collection
Grenada Grenada Births and Baptisms, 1866-1891 1,329 Expanded collection
India India, Madras Diocese Protestant Church Records, 1743-1990 6,506 Expanded collection
Jamaica Jamaica, Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 6,025 Expanded collection
New Zealand New Zealand, Electoral Rolls, 1865-1957 582,971 Expanded collection
Nicaragua Nicaragua, Catholic Church Records, 1740-1960 17 Expanded collection
Paraguay Paraguay, Asunción, Cemetery Records, 1842-2011 604 Expanded collection
Peru Peru, Arequipa, Catholic Church Records, 1660-2020 24 New collection
Peru Peru, Catholic Church Records, 1603-1992 26,580 Expanded collection
Philippines Philippines, Catholic Church Records, 1615-1985 1,572,990 Expanded collection
Samoa Samoa, Vital Records, 1846-1996 12,615 Expanded collection
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone, Civil Births and Deaths, 1802-2016 51,358 Expanded collection
South Africa South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004 13,345 Expanded collection
South Africa South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers (Cape Town Archives), 1660-1970 7,238 Expanded collection
South Africa South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Vital Records, 1868-1976 11,608 Expanded collection
South Africa South Africa, Reformed Church Records, 1856-1988 6,464 Expanded collection
South Africa South Africa, Transvaal, Civil Marriages, 1870-1930 31 Expanded collection
Spain Spain, Catholic Church Records, 1307-1985 38,301 Expanded collection
Sweden Sweden, Örebro Church Records, 1613-1918; index 1635-1860 3,972 Expanded collection
Sweden Sweden, Västerbotten Church Records, 1619-1896; index, 1688-1860 3,069 Expanded collection
Switzerland Switzerland, Catholic and Lutheran Church Records, 1418-1996 7,324,583 Expanded collection
United Kingdom England, Lincolnshire, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1574-1885 1,515 Expanded collection
United States Massachusetts, Boston Tax Records, 1822-1918 533,764 Expanded collection
United States Montana, Yellowstone Genealogy Forum, Yellowstone County Obituaries, 1955-1969 62,552 New collection
United States New Jersey, Death Index, 1901-1903; 1916-1929 139,629 Expanded collection
United States United States City and Business Directories, ca. 1749 – ca. 1990 10,000,668 Expanded collection
United States Virginia, County Marriage Records, 1771-1989 48,273 Expanded collection
Uruguay Uruguay Civil Registration, 1879-1930 4,373 Expanded collection
Venezuela Venezuela Civil Registration, 1873-2003 21,793 Expanded collection
Venezuela Venezuela, Catholic Church Records, 1577-1995 7,007 Expanded collection
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